Ice Hockey World Championship : History, Rules and Regulation, Playoffs


Here in this post, we discuss a related Ice Hockey league. What is an Ice Hockey league game and what are different Ice Hockey rules and regulations? Share NHL playoffs 2022 schedule with NHL team standings. NHL winners all time and the best-awaiting thing is the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022. First, we will start with the basic question that what is Ice Hockey match.

What is Ice Hockey (NHL) :

Ice Hokey
Ice Hokey

We all heard the name Ice Hockey but what is that and how this game will play? As the name suggests Ice Hockey it will be played on the Ice. Which Ice Hockey Equipment is required to play this game?

Ice hockey is a group activity played on ice skates, generally on an ice-skating arena with lines and markings well defined for the game. It has a place with a group of sports called hockey. In ice hockey, two rival groups use ice hockey sticks to control, advance and shoot a shut, vulcanized, elastic plate called a “puck” into the other group’s objective. Every objective is worth one point. The group which scores the most objectives is pronounced the champ. In a proper game, each group has six skaters on the ice at a time, barring any punishments, one of whom is the goaltender. Ice hockey is a full-physical game.

In this Ice Hockey match duration, there are a total of three periods of 20 minutes and 15 minutes of break between the first and second period. For that watch the Ice Hockey match today highlight for the references.

Ice Hockey Rules and Regulations :

Here we will see the Ice Hockey Rules. Because rules and regulations are very important in any sport through that how the team will get the advantages. On which condition which rule will be applied you should also be aware related to that? If you are new to Ice Hockey then this will be the Ice Hockey rules for beginners.

  • Legitimate groups are 5 skaters and a goalie. Players might play in just a single group. If groups rival “acquired” players, the game is recorded as a relinquish for the in need of help group.
  • All Leagues: Games are brief straight play. The clock will begin at game time.
  • No after some time during the ordinary season; tie games will be recorded in that capacity.
  • No slap shots (shots taken from over the midsection) by any stretch of the imagination – not during warm-ups or games.
  • Offside and icing are brought in the Granite League as it were. No offside in Green, Moosilauke, or Women’s Leagues.
  • No checking of any sort.
  • Checking is any purposeful body contact that causes an unmistakable shift in skating course or blocks the advancement of a player regardless of the ownership of the puck. This incorporates however isn’t restricted to any purposeful body contact that makes a player lose ownership of the puck or any contact with players from the puck that ruins their typical development.

If we talk about Ice Hockey rules changing players then Players can be subbed whenever during a hockey game as long as the player falling off the ice is inside 5ft of the player seat. In addition, there are also other rules related to penalties, goals, and Ice Hockey rules time. Which will you know during the match?

Ice Hockey League :

In Ice Hockey, various leagues will be played and one of these is the NHL standings league. You might see the NHL standings 2022 and be aware of the NHL standings playoffs. We also share NHL scores and standings with NHL playoffs results. If you want more details then you can refer NHL playoffs wiki 2022. But let’s first we will see what is NFL and an overview of the NHL 2022 season.

The National Hockey League is an expert ice hockey association in North America containing 32 groups — 25 in the United States and 7 in Canada. It is viewed as the highest-level proficient ice hockey association on the planet and is one of the significant elite athletics associations in the United States and Canada. The Stanley Cup, the most established pro athletics prize in North America, is granted every year to the association season finisher champion toward the finish of each season.

So, in the Ice Hockey league USA, there are a total of 25 teams taking part. But there are a total of 32 NHL teams playing this leagues. Refer much information from NHL 2022 wiki along with NHL playoffs standings.

  • Anaheim Ducks: October, 12 vs. Seattle Kraken
  • Arizona Coyotes: October 28 vs. Winnipeg Jets
  • Boston Bruins: October 15 vs. Arizona Coyotes
  • Buffalo Sabres: October 13 vs. Ottawa Senators
  • Calgary Flames: October 13 vs. Colorado Avalanche
  • Carolina Hurricanes: October 12 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Chicago Blackhawks: October 21 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • Colorado Avalanche: October 12 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: October 14 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Dallas Stars: October 15 vs. Nashville Predators
  • Detroit Red Wings: October 14 vs. Montreal Canadiens
  • Edmonton Oilers: October 12 vs. Vancouver Canucks
  • Florida Panthers: October 19 vs. Philadelphia Flyers
  • Los Angeles Kings: October 11 vs. Vegas Golden Knights
  • Minnesota Wild: October 13 vs. New York Rangers
  • Montreal Canadiens: October 12 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Nashville Predators: October 13 vs. Dallas Stars
  • New Jersey Devils: October 15 vs. Detroit Red Wings
  • New York Islanders: October 13 vs. Florida Panthers
  • New York Rangers: October 11 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Ottawa Senators: October 18 vs. Boston Bruins
  • Philadelphia Flyers: October 13 vs. New Jersey Devils
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: October 13 vs. Arizona Coyotes
  • San Jose Sharks: October 14 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
  • Seattle Kraken: October 15 vs. Vegas Golden Knights
  • St. Louis Blues: October 15 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: October 18 vs. Philadelphia Flyers
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: October 13 vs. Washington Capitals
  • Vancouver Canucks: October 22 vs. Buffalo Sabres
  • Vegas Golden Knights: October 13 vs. Chicago Blackhawks
  • Washington Capitals: October 12 vs. Boston Bruins
  • Winnipeg Jets: October 14 vs. New York Rangers
Ice hockey Live Match

Above NHL 2022 schedule is opening for all the NHL standings teams. Below you will find the NHL playoffs 2022 points table. Based on that you can do NHL scores predictions and Which teams do NHL scores playoffs in next season. So, that’s all about NHL 2022 finals.

1 Florida Panthers82581861225534024634-7-024-11-67-3-0
2 xy-Carolina Hurricanes82542081165327820229-8-425-12-48-2-0
3 x-Toronto Maple Leafs82542171155131525331-8-223-13-57-2-1
4 x-New York Rangers82522461104825420727-10-425-14-26-4-0
5 x-Tampa Bay Lightning82512381104928723327-8-624-15-27-3-0
6 x-Pittsburgh Penguins824625111034327222923-13-523-12-65-4-1
7 x-Boston Bruins82512651074925522026-13-225-13-36-4-0
9 New York Islanders824426121003927524519-16-625-10-64-4-2
9 New York Islanders82373510843523123720-16-517-19-53-6-1
10 Columbus Blue Jackets8237387813326230021-15-516-23-24-5-1
11 Buffalo Sabres82323911752923229017-18-615-21-56-4-0
12 Detroit Red Wings82324010742923031218-16-714-24-34-6-0
13 Ottawa Senators8233427733022726615-22-418-20-37-2-1
14 New Jersey Devils8227469632424830716-20-511-26-42-5-3
15 Philadelphia Flyers82254611612421129814-21-611-25-52-8-0
16 Montreal Canadiens82224911551922131911-26-411-23-72-8-0
Western Conference
1 Colorado Avalanche82561971195231223432-5-424-14-34-5-1
2 Calgary Flames825021111114829320825-9-725-12-46-2-2
3 Minnesota Wild82532271134831025331-8-222-14-58-1-1
4 St. Louis Blues824922111094731124226-10-523-12-67-2-1
5 Edmonton Oilers82492761044429025228-12-121-15-57-2-1
6 Los Angeles Kings82442711994023923621-16-423-11-76-3-1
7 Dallas Stars8246306984123824627-10-419-20-25-3-2
8 Nashville Predators8245307974126625225-14-220-16-54-4-2
9 Vegas Golden Knights8243318943926624822-15-421-16-44-2-4
10 Vancouver Canucks82403012923724923620-14-720-16-56-2-2
11 Winnipeg Jets82393211893725225723-15-316-17-86-4-0
12 San Jose Sharks82323713772921426418-18-514-19-83-4-3
13 Anaheim Ducks82313714762723227117-19-514-18-93-5-2
14 Chicago Blackhawks82284212682221929114-21-614-21-64-5-1
15 Seattle Kraken8227496602421628516-22-311-27-34-6-0
16 Arizona Coyotes8225507572420731311-27-314-23-43-5-2
source – scores.nbcsports

NHL Standings & Playoffs :

Here you find the NHL winners list with particular year. So, make it NHL winners and losers draft now. If you want to see this Ice Hockey match live streaming then many platforms available to watch 2022 season.

2020Tampa Bay Lightning4-2Dallas Stars
2019St. Louis Blues4—3Boston Bruins
2018Washington Capitals4—1Vegas Golden Knights
2017Pittsburgh Penguins4—2Nashville Predators
2016Pittsburgh Penguins4—2San Jose Sharks
2015Chicago Blackhawks4—2Tampa Bay Lightning
2014Los Angeles Kings4—1New York Rangers
2013Chicago Blackhawks4—2Boston Bruins
2012Los Angeles Kings4—2New Jersey Devils
2011Boston Bruins4—3Vancouver Canucks
2010Chicago Blackhawks4—2Philadelphia Flyers
2009Pittsburgh Penguins4—3Detroit Red Wings
2008Detroit Red Wings4—2Pittsburgh Penguins
2007Anaheim Ducks4—1Ottawa Senators
2006Carolina Hurricanes4—3Edmonton Oilers
2005Season canceled due to the 2004-05 season NHL lockout
2004Tampa Bay Lightning4—3Calgary Flames
2003New Jersey Devils4—3Mighty Ducks of Anaheim
2002Detroit Red Wings4—1Carolina Hurricanes
2001Colorado Avalanche4—3New Jersey Devils
2000New Jersey Devils4—2Dallas Stars
1999Dallas Stars4—2Buffalo Sabres
1998Detroit Red Wings4—0Washington Capitals
1997Detroit Red Wings4—0Philadelphia Flyers
1996Colorado Avalanche4—0Florida Panthers
1995New Jersey Devils4—0Detroit Red Wings
1994New York Rangers4—3Vancouver Canucks
1993Montreal Canadiens4—1Los Angeles Kings
1992Pittsburgh Penguins4—0Chicago Blackhawks
1991Pittsburgh Penguins4—2Minnesota North Stars
1990Edmonton Oilers4—1Boston Bruins
1989Calgary Flames4—2Montreal Canadiens
1988Edmonton Oilers4—0Boston Bruins
1987Edmonton Oilers4—3Philadelphia Flyers
1986Montreal Canadiens4—1Calgary Flames
1985Edmonton Oilers4—1Philadelphia Flyers
1984Edmonton Oilers4—1New York Islanders
1983New York Islanders4—0Edmonton Oilers
1982New York Islanders4—0Vancouver Canucks
1981New York Islanders4—1Minnesota North Stars
1980New York Islanders4—2Philadelphia Flyers
1979Montreal Canadiens4—1New York Rangers
1978Montreal Canadiens4—2Boston Bruins
1977Montreal Canadiens4—0Boston Bruins
1976Montreal Canadiens4—0Philadelphia Flyers
1975Philadelphia Flyers4—2Buffalo Sabres
1974Philadelphia Flyers4—2Boston Bruins
1973Montreal Canadiens4—2Chicago Black Hawks
1972Boston Bruins4—2New York Rangers
1971Montreal Canadiens4—3Chicago Black Hawks
1970Boston Bruins4—0St. Louis Blues
1969Montreal Canadiens4—0St. Louis Blues
1968Montreal Canadiens4—0St. Louis Blues
1967Toronto Maple Leafs4—2Montreal Canadiens
1966Montreal Canadiens4—2Detroit Red Wings
1965Montreal Canadiens4—3Chicago Black Hawks
1964Toronto Maple Leafs4—3Detroit Red Wings
1963Toronto Maple Leafs4—1Detroit Red Wings
1962Toronto Maple Leafs4—2Chicago Black Hawks
1961Chicago Black Hawks4—2Detroit Red Wings
1960Montreal Canadiens4—0Toronto Maple Leafs
1959Montreal Canadiens4—1Toronto Maple Leafs
1958Montreal Canadiens4—2Boston Bruins
1957Montreal Canadiens4—1Boston Bruins
1956Montreal Canadiens4—1Detroit Red Wings
1955Detroit Red Wings4—3Montreal Canadiens
1954Detroit Red Wings4—3Montreal Canadiens
1953Montreal Canadiens4—1Boston Bruins
1952Detroit Red Wings4—0Montreal Canadiens
1951Toronto Maple Leafs4—1Montreal Canadiens
1950Detroit Red Wings4—3New York Rangers
1949Toronto Maple Leafs4—0Detroit Red Wings
1948Toronto Maple Leafs4—0Detroit Red Wings
1947Toronto Maple Leafs4—2Montreal Canadiens
1946Montreal Canadiens4—1Boston Bruins
1945Toronto Maple Leafs4—3Detroit Red Wings
1944Montreal Canadiens4—0Chicago Black Hawks
1943Detroit Red Wings4—0Boston Bruins
1942Toronto Maple Leafs4—3Detroit Red Wings
1941Boston Bruins4—0Detroit Red Wings
1940New York Rangers4—2Toronto Maple Leafs
1939Boston Bruins4—1Toronto Maple Leafs
1938Chicago Black Hawks3—1Toronto Maple Leafs
1937Detroit Red Wings3—2New York Rangers
1936Detroit Red Wings3—1Toronto Maple Leafs
1935Montreal Maroons3—0Toronto Maple Leafs
1934Chicago Black Hawks3—1Detroit Red Wings
1933New York Rangers3—1Toronto Maple Leafs
1932Toronto Maple Leafs3—0New York Rangers
1931Montreal Canadiens3—2Chicago Black Hawks
1930Montreal Canadiens2—0Boston Bruins
1929Boston Bruins2—0New York Rangers
1928New York Rangers3—2Montreal Maroons
1927Ottawa Senators2—0—2Boston Bruins
1926Montreal Maroons3—1Victoria Cougars
1925Victoria Cougars3—1Montreal Canadiens
1924Montreal Canadiens2—0Calgary Tigers
1923Ottawa Senators2—0Edmonton Eskimos
1922Toronto St. Pats3—2Vancouver Millionaires
1921Ottawa Senators3—2Vancouver Millionaires
1920Ottawa Senators3—2Seattle Metropolitans
1919The series between the Montreal Canadiens (NHL) and the Seattle Metropolitans (PCHA) was canceled after the fifth game because of the flu epidemic, and no Stanley Cup was awarded.
1918Toronto Arenas[29]3—2Vancouver Millionaires
1917Seattle Metropolitans3—1Montreal Canadiens
1916Montreal Canadiens3—2Portland Rosebuds
1915Vancouver Millionaires3—0Ottawa Senators
source – topendsports

Ice Hockey World Championship :

Another best league played in Ice Hockey is the Ice Hockey world championship. Now upcoming is Ice Hockey World Championship 2023. It will begin on 14th April 2023 and end on 23rd April 2023. So, if you are a big fan of Ice hockey and will to watch Ice Hockey World Championship live scores then plan according to that. If you want to watch the Ice Hockey World Championship live streaming free then you watch the score on the official website but the below channels help to live the world championship.

ESPN+/NHL NetworkThe United States
ORF (Free)Austria
TV2 PlayDenmark
Sport TVPortugal
FreeSportsThe United Kingdom
Match TV (Free)Russia

If we talk about the Ice Hockey 2022 Olympics then it started on 3rd Feb to 20th Feb 2022. It was played on two different location. With that Finland won this championship and runner-up team is ROC. And Ice Hockey 2022 Olympics qualification decided on Capability for the men’s competition at the 2022 Winter still up in the air by the IIHF World Ranking following the 2019 Men’s Ice Hockey World Championships. The host alongside the main eight groups on the planet positioning got programmed billets into the Olympics, while any remaining groups have a chance to meet all requirements for the excess three spots in the Olympics.

That’s all about Ice Hockey league teams with their Ice Hockey league standings. A brief idea related to Ice Hockey 2022 world cup. You also find the information related to NHL playoffs and the NHL winners list.

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